Malaria is Dangerous

Have you ever known that every food, medicine and everything we take in were being examine and test in the Food Drugs Administration (FDA)? The organization is not sure and competent in using this kind of supplement; they believe that its ingredients are not really curable elements.

                FDA is not in favor with the results and rumors that they receive from people who have experience to use Miracle Mineral Supplement. Some people are telling that after mixing one or two drops of MMS to their drinks, they go through some aches in the different parts of their body. Some are telling that they experience vomiting, nausea and diarrhea. The FDA says Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) produces chlorine dioxide, potent bleach often used in industrial water treatment and stripping textiles.

Actually FDA has getting some information and details if how many people have used the supplement, so that they can warn and be updated with their condition and experiences about MMS and last July 30, 2010 United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a press release, warning people not to consume MMS. During that time, FDA is announcing to the public that they should not use MMS, and if they experience side effects they need to find for a lawyer that can help them to take legal action against the distributor, retailer or manufacturer of MMS. But they said that Jim Humble is the one in charge here, he is the master mind. FDA also advise the public that if they have receive or bought MMS product, they should throw it away immediately and if someone has experience unfavorable effects, he or she should consult or see a doctor right away.

                FDA can’t imagine how MMS so powerful in healing such kind of disease does and yet its ingredients are not really chemicals that are good for our body. It is still a question to them and they wonder how does people is so ignorant and easily captured and believed to this MMS. Which is true and which is not? That’s a big question right now. FDA is still on the process of investigation. Check out a bit more in regards to the man Jim Humble who in fact made this product

                It is still unknown and unexplainable the use of Miracle Mineral Supplement. Even the FDA is hard up in determining which is true about it. But what is really the exact reason and secret behind MMS. Are we still going to use it? Because some have testified their beneficial experiences and some also testified and share their bad and not only bad, worst experience during the time that they use Miracle Mineral Supplement. Many of us cannot afford hospitalization and expensive and classy medicines that’s why they choose to use MMS to be more practical and less expense, but how about the warning that the FDA is telling to the public. How about the testimonies of the people who were once a witness of the curable effects of MMS. What is really the exact thing to use and to do? What?